[quassel-announce] Quassel 0.10.0 is out!

Manuel Nickschas sputnick at quassel-irc.org
Mon Apr 7 21:56:07 CEST 2014

Hi all,

we proudly announce the latest release of Quassel IRC, version 0.10.0!

As promised, development has become more active in the past few months (both 
because we gained several new contributors (thanks a bunch!), and I myself 
have finally some more time for development), so besides a host of bugfixes 
that already went into 0.9.x, this development cycle also saw various new 
features as listed in the ChangeLog. Besides, for example, various 
improvements related to SSL connections, optional multi-line input field, 
support for the Snore notification framework, the ability to show backlog 
messages in the ChatMonitor (beware though; it will slow down your sync!), the 
possibility to hide inactive networks in your Chat List, more and improved 
translations, and a new version of the inxi (/sysinfo) script, this release 
features a new core/client protocol: the DataStream protocol.

This new protocol is one (intermediate) result of the refactoring work that 
has been going on behind the scenes for several releases now, aiming for 
separating out protocol-specific code from the rest of the codebase in order 
to be able to do things like, well, replacing the protocol (and making it 
easier for third-party client authors to work with it). The DataStream 
protocol is not much different from the original ("legacy") protocol, but it 
removes some of the unnecessary overhead. Due to a change to data compression, 
QuasselDroid can finally use compression when connecting to a 0.10.x 
quasselcore! You can read more about the protocol changes in the Wiki (work in 
progress). Note that we kept backwards compatibility, so using a new client 
with an older core, or vice versa, is fine (but won't get you the new 
protocol, of course).

That's about it. Go now and grab the newest version from our downloads page, 
or directly from your friendly distro's repositories once it's there!

One last note for people following development closely and interested in the 
goings-on in Git: The master branch has seen a revamp of the build system and 
features full support for Qt5 now (minus some glitches). Soon, we will start 
using C++11, as announced previously; so make sure to update your toolchain if 
it's ancient!

~ Sput
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