[quassel-announce] Quassel 0.12.3 released

Manuel Nickschas sputnick at quassel-irc.org
Wed Feb 10 22:09:50 CET 2016

Hi all,

it's been a while that we did a new release, and it's still "just" a bugfix 
release this time. Turns out that real life is still keeping us busy... but 
it's the good kind of busy, so there's that. Thankfully, we have a bunch of 
cool people in the community who contribute patches, fixes and features while 
the core development team is on semi-hiatus -- many thanks to all of you!

Anyway, say hello to Quassel 0.12.3. Many fixes went into that one, and we 
encourage you to upgrade! One particularly nasty bug was fixed: if you have 
multiple users on a single Quassel Core, and use PostgresQL as a database 
backend, messages could be lost in earlier 0.12.x versions. So if you happen 
to run 0.12.{0..2}, and run a core for multiple users, you definitely should 
upgrade. A more extensive list of fixes can be found in the ChangeLog.

A short heads-up: The next feature release (0.13.x) will be the last one still 
supporting Qt 4 and, consequently, KDE 4. Supporting two diverging frameworks 
(Qt 4 and Qt 5), and two rather different desktop environments (KDE 4 and 
Plasma 5), proves to be increasingly challenging. Additionally, Qt 4 has 
officially reached end-of-life by now. So once 0.13 is released, we'll take the 
opportunity to clean up the codebase and remove a few hundred #ifdefs, 
wrappers and workarounds! This is still a few months away, and we plan to add 
a long-desired feature or two to the next release -- but now you know and can 
prepare for life after Qt 4!

That's it for today. Please head to the downloads page to grab the new source 


Binary packages for the various platforms will show up there over the next few 
days, and if you run Linux, I'm sure your friendly package maintainer is 
already working on getting an updated package near you soon!

Have a nice one!
~ Sput
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