Quassel for Ubuntu phone

Christian Dywan christian at twotoasts.de
Fri Jun 3 22:44:40 CEST 2016

Hey Leo,

Late reply, but I am working on an Ubuntu Phone/ QML client. I pushed 
an initial version which is able to display messages in a QML-based 


The way I did it, the new USE_QML build switch swaps out 
qtui/clientsupport for qmlui. The folder src/qmlui/ubuntu contains all 
the QML which is using Ubuntu.Components. If there is interest it 
should be straight-forward add alternatives such as QtQuick.Controls or 
qml-material since the C++ uses nothing Quassel already doesn't use.

The repository is incidentally based on 0.12.4, which obviously isn't 
helpful for eventual merging but I wanted a version that can be used in 

Warm regards,

 > Leo Arias <yo at elopio.net> wrote on Fri Jan 3 20:03:58 CET 2014:
 > I would love to use quassel on my Ubuntu phone. Is anybody else
 > interested in this?
 > I'm not a good QML dev, but I can help a lot automating tests.

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