Statically-linked core v0.12.2

Alexander Corn mckay at
Sat May 2 09:33:23 CEST 2015

I’m having some issues with the statically-linked 0.12.2 core on CentOS 6.
On startup, I get “QSslSocket: cannot call unresolved function d2i_X509”,
and then Quassel says that it couldn’t find any certificates in the
certificate file and that SSL support would be disabled.


All of my research seems to indicate that it can’t find OpenSSL, but my
understanding is that since it’s statically-linked this shouldn’t be an
issue since the necessary OpenSSL stuff would be inside the binary itself.


I also tried to build it myself but that didn’t get very far. The build
fails with:


/home/mckay/quassel/0.12.2/quassel-0.12.2/src/qtui/qtuiapplication.cpp: In
member function âvirtual void QtUiApplication::saveState(QSessionManager&)â:

0: error: invalid use of incomplete type âclass QSessionManagerâ

In file included from



/usr/local/Trolltech/Qt-4.8.6/include/QtGui/qapplication.h:72:7: error:
forward declaration of âclass QSessionManagerâ

/home/mckay/quassel/0.12.2/quassel-0.12.2/src/qtui/qtuiapplication.cpp: In
member function âvoid QtUiApplication::resumeSessionIfPossible()â:

7: error: âisSessionRestoredâ was not declared in this scope

2: error: âsessionIdâ was not declared in this scope


Anyone have any ideas for what I’m doing wrong?


Alexander Corn

"Dr. McKay"


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